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Women represent 20% of the C-Suite in sales. Help us change that.

What WISE Partners Are Saying

“The WISE team has been able to build genuine relationships with women in sales at all levels -- from individual contributors at startups to VPs at Fortune 500 companies. Because of their vertical focus on sales and commitment to creating spaces that foster empowerment and mentorship, they’ve cultivated an incredibly engaged and enthusiastic community that we are proud to partner with!”
WISE partner since 2019
"Our partnership with WISE has enabled us to showcase and support our female sales leaders with speaking opportunities, helped us strengthen our brand as a destination employer for women, and allowed us to support the female sellers at Box with WISE's membership benefits."

WISE partner since 2020
“Over the past two years or so of our partnership, many of the women on our sales team have directly benefited from the programming WISE offers, whether it be our managers finding long-lasting mentors, our individual contributors learning different sales skills from peers in the community, or having both newer and experienced leaders speak on panels.”

WISE partner since 2020

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Tactical Solutions for Modern Sales Companies

Employer Branding

Strengthen your company’s awareness to your team and community as a leading employer that supports women in sales in a tangible way. 

Employee Engagement

Directly impact your team’s development by providing an opportunity to network with and learn from our global community of sellers across all levels of experience.

Corporate Marketing

Strengthen your internal talent initiatives with access to a diverse group of sales professionals from top companies around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you recommend choosing which partnership plan is the best fit for my company?

Though there’s no exact science, we typically recommend that smaller, earlier stage companies select the “Team” option, particularly if they have less than 10 women on the sales team. The “Corporate” option is geared towards any company Series C or beyond with a large salesforce that wants to offer membership more broadly to their team and strengthen their employer branding as much as possible.

How will joining WISE impact my company's industry reputation?

Partnering with WISE will help strengthen your community recognition not only as a general destination employer, but specifically one that supports empowering women. 

Your company’s logo will be displayed across our events, newsletter, and website, plus you’ll be given a WISE Badge to display on your careers page, in email signatures, and more.

Will joining WISE increase the female presence on my sales team?

While we cannot guarantee that you will see an influx of female applicants, partnering with WISE creates a positive brand association for potential female prospects and gives you access to our large community of women in sales.

How does the application process for partnership work?

Regardless of which partnership plan you’re interested in, the process is short and sweet. Those interested in the Team partnership simply fill out an online application with basic company information and credit card details, and once approved you can begin taking advantage of partnership benefits immediately.

For those pursuing the Corporate partnership, you fill out a basic information form and then a member of our sales team will contact you to set up a call.

Are there any other options beyond the two partnership levels, i.e. a la carte access to the job board, using the WISE badge, etc.?

At this point in time, there are not. We believe our Team and Corporate options offer packages in line with what most companies are looking for with this type of partnership.

How does payment work for partnership - when will I be charged?

It depends on which plan you’ve chosen. For the Team option, you’ll provide us with your credit card information during the application process. If you’re approved, you’ll be charged. 

For Corporate, all partners sign a contract in which our standard payment terms are due invoice. Once the contract is signed on both ends, you can expect to receive an invoice from our billing team within 30 days at most

Do you offer any discounts on the B2B partnership plans?

We do not at this point in time. We believe our packages are priced fairly given what’s included in each one!

Can I purchase additional memberships for the women on my team beyond the ones included with my partnership package?

Absolutely! Simply reach out to with the number of memberships you’d like to purchase and we’ll send along an invoice.

Does WISE replace workplace ERGs?

It does not, but WISE can be utilized as an extension of any currently existing ERGs, or as one of the first external services that you offer to your team if you don’t currently have ERGs in place.

Is my company eligible for WISE?:

WISE partnerships are open to any company or team that fit at least some of the following criteria: 

  • Committed to a long-term vision of developing and retaining female-identifying employees in sales
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is a company-wide initiative with executive support
  • Ideally have women on your sales team, and particularly in sales leadership, executive or board positions
  • Strong existing employer branding

Does someone have to be in a pure new business sales role to benefit from WISE?

Not at all! Though WISE stands for “Women in Sales Everywhere,” anyone who works within the broader revenue organization at a company will benefit. We have members in new business, customer success and account management, sales operations, sales engagement, business development, and much more.

Can men get involved with WISE?

Absolutely! We’re proud to have a diverse community. Although the majority of our community is women, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to access our benefits.

What positions do WISE members hold?

Our membership base is made up of women at all levels of seniority. We have members who are fresh out of college all the way up through C-Suite executives, with everything in between! Here’s a more detailed community breakdown: 

  • 60% Individual Contributors 
  • 25% Front-Line Sales Managers & Directors
  • 10% Sales Support Roles
  • 5% Executives

What industries do WISE partners represent?

Our members represent a wide array of industries within the revenue-generating world, including: 

  • Human Resources
  • Big Data & Artificial Intelligence
  • Revenue (sales)
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Security
  • Real Estate 
  • Education 
  • Telecommunications
  • IT
  • Sustainability
  • E-Commerce
  • Tech SaaS
  • Mental Health

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