CloserIQ connects top sales & success talent to amazing startups. We help the world’s most innovative companies recruit top performing revenue talent who are interested in joining a high-growth startup environment.

About CloserIQ

CloserIQ is a purpose-driven recruitment firm connecting top sales & success talent to the most innovative companies in the world. We are the recruitment firm of choice for leading VC firms, private equity, and government agencies.

Our Talent Advisors help connect candidates to opportunities for advancement, impact, and purpose at 300+ high-growth tech companies.

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Why Work at CloserIQ

“As outsiders looking to disrupt the recruitment industry, we are excited to lead the charge in helping companies build diverse and inclusive work places with initiatives like WIS. Diversity goes beyond the demographics of who you hire but also how you integrate and empower your employees to speak up, work through challenges productively, and ultimately advance in their careers. Herd mentality and behavior often leads to bad decision making so its also our fiduciary duty to build an environment that respects and caters to people of all background. We’re excited to be a part of this journey with WIS and committed to driving positive impact in the industry.”

Jordan Wan, Founder/CEO @CloserIQ

CloserIQ + Women in Sales

Roxana Mead
Samantha Nobel
Strategic Talent Advisor
Joy Reines
Strategic Talent Advisor


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As a WIS employer, CloserIQ is committed to building a diverse, inclusive, and high performance workplace culture.

CloserIQ is a modern recruiting firm connecting top sales & success talent to amazing startups.