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Our mission is to democratize opportunity for students everywhere. Every student should have equal opportunity to build a meaningful career regardless of where they go to school or who they know.

About Handshake

With over 17 million students, 900 partner universities and 425,000 employers; Handshake is transforming the college recruiting experience with our innovative college to career network.

We welcome all people. We celebrate diversity of all kinds and are committed to creating an inclusive culture built on a foundation of respect for all individuals. We seek to hire, develop and retain talented people from all backgrounds. Individuals from non-traditional backgrounds, historically marginalized or underrepresented groups are strongly encouraged to learn more about Handshake and apply.

Why Work at Handshake

“I believe that leadership is an action, not a title. Handshake as a culture and company operates this way. We are still small and nimble – everyone in leadership positions take their role and the impact we have seriously, and we’re able to effect positive change. The daily decisions we make are not only to strengthen our teams but to positively impact students, our university and employer partners.”

Christine Cruzvergara, VP of Higher Education and Student Success

“I was incredibly inspired by the mission. I’ve spent the past decade working with small business owners and helping them find great work. Joining Handshake felt like an exciting continuation of this passion – helping people find work that makes them thrive – and I was excited to work with Gen Z and students! I could see the commitment and purpose from the team internally, and I knew I wanted to be part of it.”

Allyson Letteri, VP of Marketing

Featured Team Members

christine cruzvergara

Christine Cruzvergara
VP of Higher Education and Student Success

allyson letteri

Allyson Letteri
VP of Marketing

jordan pedraza

Jordan Pedraza
Director of Support

kathryn mooney

Kathryn Mooney
Director of Commercial Sales

skai kang

Skai Kang
Director of Customer Success

kristin ribero

Kristin Ribero
Director of Enterprise Marketing

katie williams

Katie Williams
Head of University Success

emily haines

Emily Haines
SDR Manager