Movable Ink is a technology company that allows marketers change emails after they have been sent out. The technology can change emails based on time of open, user’s current location, social cues, fast-moving inventory, and works across all email clients.

About Movable Ink

Movable Ink is the leading provider of intelligent content, which enables marketers to personalize email content at the moment of open. Marketers use Movable Ink to provide consumers with engaging on-brand experiences to grow revenues with every customer interaction.

Since 2010, consumers have engaged with 500+ billion intelligent content impressions from more than 400 leading brands, including Delta, eBay, Spotify, and The Wall Street Journal. The company is headquartered in New York City with offices in London, San Francisco, and Sydney.

Why Work at Movable Ink

Since founding in 2010, Movable Ink has been consistently ranked as one of the fastest growing private software companies in NYC.

If you are passionate about innovation, crave a work environment where everyone contributes and is invited to take on an entrepreneurial role, Movable Ink is the right fit for you.

Movable Ink + Women in Sales

Carmel Geoghegan
Strategic Account Director
Movable Ink
Shelby Manning
Shelby Manning
Business Development Manager
Movable Ink
Ainee Dehradunwala
Ainee Dehradunwala
Associate Director, Business Development
Movable Ink


Featured Jobs

As a WIS employer, Movable Ink is committed to building a diverse, inclusive, and high performance workplace culture.

Movable Ink allows marketers to utilize dynamic email content that adapts to customers at the moment of open.