Journey to Sales & Continued Education

WISE is an event series that brings together female sales professionals to share knowledge, foster mentorship and grow community.

This event focuses on tactical advice to help you continue your education, drive more impact, take control of your own career path, and get promoted to the roles you want. It features panelists who have extensive experience growing their sales careers at high growth tech companies.

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Individual Question Segments

1. Introduction
2. Transactional vs. consultative selling
3. Gauging if someone will be successful beyond simple buzzwords
4. Deciding what kind of sales environment is best for you
5. Continuing education in the ever-evolving world of sales
6. What makes you as a sales leader respond to a cold call/email?
7. Interview tactitcs
8. Sports books related to sales
9. Growing internally at your company with regard to role positioning
10. What steps did you take along the way to your managerial position?
11. The benefits of a transactional background in consultative sales
12. How did you get into sales, and is it living up to your expectations?
13. As a sales manager, what kind of culture fit do you look for?
14. Problems to avoid when scaling an inside sales team
15. Best practices & tips for closing
16. Sales training resources
17. Values that salespeople could have more of
18. Developing an effective process for scaling a team
19. Trait-based recommendations for advancing sales career